Saturday, October 09, 2010

Loved and Wanted, by Sara

This past December, when my family committed to bringing home Alina, I understood that there were many unknowns, but I was all for it nonetheless. I saw all of the potential in her and the need for love in her eyes.  During the whole adoption process, I was eager to meet my newest sibling. Being the oldest, I had already witnessed the arrival of four children into our family. Alina's arrival into our lives was different, yet felt much the same.

When Bridget was born four years ago with Down syndrome, we were unsure of what her diagnosis would mean for her and the rest of us.  The first few weeks with Bridget were scary and filled with uncertainty, but we quickly realized that Bridget was perfect.  The fact that we were willing to travel half way around the world to get another child with Down syndrome shows how much we love and value Bridget.

From December until April, I thought about Alina every day. All we had was a picture of a little bald baby with sad eyes, who needed a family--who needed our family. Once she and my parents came home, I was ecstatic. I saw a little girl that was full of energy, had beautiful blue eyes, and was adjusting to our family wonderfully. Alina was letting us give her hugs and kisses. She was finally ours.

In the past six months, Alina has melded into our family like she has always been here and has always been one of us. Alina and Bridget are the dynamic duo, completely inseparable. Sometimes I will glance over to wherever they are, whether it be the family room or the back of the car, and see them happily holding hands and grinning.

I have realized in moments like these that I am so proud to be an older sister to these two amazing little girls. They have slammed down any preconceived notions that my friends, family, or even I have had about Down syndrome. They have inspired many with their love and vigor for life. They have helped me to realize that the seemingly 'imperfect' parts of life can really be the best of them all.


  1. What a mature young woman you are Sarah. I can't wait to see what you will do to "change your part of the world" because of your experience with your 2 younger sisters!

  2. Sara, your writing is filled with love, emotion, voice, perspective, and you have a gift with words. Through your writing about life and love with Bridget and Alina, you are changing lives!! You are making a difference!!!

  3. lisa, i know you are so proud..what sarah wrote is just beautiful and shows the love in your family. what a beautiful, sweet family.

  4. How wonderful it must be to have you for a big sister, daughter, friend. This world needs more people in it like you, Sara. Your love for your amazing sisters shines through with every word.

    Love wins,
    Renee Tam

  5. I can't even comment!!! This was truly touching! Lisa, what an amazing young lady you have! I know you are proud! xoxo

  6. Sara, you are a very wise young lady...this was a beautiful tribute to your sisters!