Monday, October 04, 2010

Buddy Walk

I checked the weather forecast before we left for our local Buddy Walk yesterday:  "44 degrees.  Feels like 41 degrees.  Showers.  Fitness comfort:  uncomfortable."

That pretty much sums it up.  Uncomfortable.  (I hope next year's walk falls on a day that is 75 and sunny!!)

Bridget woke up at 6 a.m., and was not in a particularly celebratory mood, despite the looks of the first few pictures below which were taken immediately after we got there :). 

We did get to see a few old friends and meet some new ones :).

We spent most of our time at the Reece's Rainbow table (with the Smith and Jobes families--who did all the work!)  The Smiths are working on saving Yana, and Faith and Evan Jobes are making their way to Robyn.  Please visit their blogs and sponsorship pages and help support their adoption journeys! 

We also enjoyed talking to several other families with questions about adopting children with Ds and seeing some precious, little new babies with Ds and meeting their families :)!

Our time was cut short at the event due to a couple of little girls who were pretty unhappy with the wind, cold weather and rain ;).  A few pictures from the morning:

"Yea! We're at the Buddy Walk!"
Alina:  "Hmm.  What's over there?"  Bridget:  "Yea!"

Alina:  "I'm outta here!"  Bridget:  "Woot!  I'm still cheering!" (How quickly the tides turn when you are 4!)

Alina looking at the poster with her Before & After pictures on it :)

Sara trying to console Bridget

It didn't work.  Sara is faking it ;).  Bridget is not.
Mommy trying to get Bridget to smile.  It didn't work ;).

Alina saying "GO BUCKS!" to Ethan Smith.  (Her Daddy is so proud!)

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!


  1. Alina is getting so big! I can't believe how much she's grown. Bridget and Sara are so pretty, I love Bridget's pout.
    And you look stunning, the fact that you have 6 kids and look like THAT sets a high standard.

  2. Brrrr, sorry to hear that the weather didn't cooperate! I'm sure all those sweet faces, were totally HEARTWARMING!! The girls look adorable all bundled up! I can't believe how big they are getting......both, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. It was a delight to hold them and love on them. It made my day!!! Thanks so much for your continued support!!

  4. Our Buddy Walk weather is supposed to be sunny and about 73. Guess you should consider moving this way! Oh, and the Go Bucks thing? Well, I'll just ignore that since I like you so much!!!

  5. I realise I already commented on this post but I'm hoping to do a wordless wednesday post this week for 31 for 21 using pictures of kids on blogs I read, I'd be honored if you'd be willing to let me use one of these with Bridget and Alina.

  6. Bambi, you are welcome to use a picture of the girls :).