Friday, October 29, 2010


Look at this darling little girl!  She needs a home.  Could it be yours?

You may remember beautiful Anna.  Her story reached--and touched--many people earlier this year.  And a family had committed to her.  But sadly, they could not complete the adoption and she is back on the waiting child listings on Reece's Rainbow.  

Anna is from the same orphanage as Sofia and Zoya.  Jen, Sofia's mom, took the above photograph and her husband, Hector, wrote about seeing Anna and her mother in May.  Zoya's mom, Sarah, saw Anna this spring and wrote about it here (she initially thought Anna was a boy, but the mother and child she saw--and describes in her post--was Anna and her mom).

It is a huge benefit for adoptive parents to know of others who have seen a waiting child and have adopted from the same orphanage or region.  Jen and Sarah can share other observations of Anna as well as of the baby home and city where Anna lives.  They will be a great resource for the family who steps forward for little Anna.

Someone, please, give Anna a chance, a home and a family.  I hope her mama and papa are reading this and will make the decision to go get her and love her forever!

Girl, Born January 4, 2008

Anna has dark hair and dark eyes.  She is so pretty!  She was born with a minor heart murmur, and should be seen by a cardiologist once home.

From one of our adopting families who visited with her in April 2010:  “I met Anna’s mother today….a beautiful young woman….she LOVES Anna and visits her often…brings diapers and soap…takes her for walks, kisses her, and picks flowers for her.   They are BEAUTIFUL together.   It breaks my heart.   She wants her child but can’t care for her.   We need to find Anna a home so this mother can know her daughter will be ok…she would probably love to stay in contact too…oh how complicated she must feel.   Anna is ADORABLE!”  


  1. I would LOVE to go get her! What a beauty.

  2. I cried so much when I saw that Anna was back on the waiting children page, I so want this little girl to find her family soon!

  3. Oh my goodness, how precious... If my finances weren't such a mess right now, I would be on my way. Praying her family finds her SOON!

  4. Oh this sweet face....I pray so badly her family finds her!!! I know they're out there!