Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bridget - October

Bridget is four now, and she is definitely the Big Sister :).  She's still pretty tiny (at 37 inches and 31 pounds), but is a mighty little thing.  

She's very socially aware and can name each student in her preschool class.  She's playing with other kids this year and seems to be enjoying her new friendships.

At home, Bridget wants to dictate what activities take place, who participates and how they will play.  She likes to rule help Alina.  She loves to pin her down and pretend to take her blood pressure take care of her with their pretend doctor's kit.  (Alina is a usually a good sport about it, but will also protest when she's really not happy with what is going on.)

Bridget loves and looks after her little sister.  She will pat Alina on the back gently if Alina is sad, and will let me know if Alina seems to be needing anything.  If she wants a particular doll or toy, she will first make sure Alina has a different, satisfactory one ;)--which accomplishes two things:  looking out for her sister and getting what she wants.  Pretty clever, that one.

Bridget is our resident Hugger

She greets people with hugs, says good-bye with hugs and gives hugs when people are sad or mad.  She'll often tilt her head to the side and ask in a sweet, little voice, "A hug?"  (Yes, please.  A hug from Bridget is usually just what the doctor ordered :).)

Each day, I give her a big hug right before she gets on the bus.  And each day, she climbs the steps, turns around and shouts (HUG!) with her arms outstretched.  (One More Hug should become a common practice.  What a great way to start the day!) 

Last year at this time, Bridget was talking very little.  She was signing quite a bit and saying one word at a time.  She is talking a lot more now!  She keeps us laughing with her expressions (My word, Oh Goodness!, Give it!) along with some of her other requests, like asking for a paper towel--rather than toilet paper--when she's done using the potty, or shouting, TISSUE! when Alina needs her nose wiped.  

Bridget has started adding an "ee" sound to the ends of words, just because she thinks its funny--"cup" becomes "cup-py", "sock" is "sock-y".  I have no idea why she started doing this, but it sounds hilarious coming out of her little mouth.

Oh, and she is no longer Jibby.  She's "Ji-jit", "Me, Ji-jit" or "Brrr...Ji-jit".

Right now her favorite things include:  riding the bus, taking care of baby dolls, laughing and having tea parties with Alina, dancing with her siblings and watching Little Bear.

She's matured so much in this past year.  I guess that's what happens when you become a Big Sister ;).


  1. oh i would so love to meet you in person, bridget. and if you and livia ever got to play together, i'd be really curious how the bossing-around story would go!!

  2. I love these kinds of updates! She sounds like she's just doing super! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Bridget! You're a wonderful big sister even when you're (pinning down) helping Alina get her blood pressure taken.

    What a nice update too! I feel like I know Bridget a little bit better now. :)

  4. Bridget turned four in July...but I have been a bad blogger and haven't written an update on just her since she's been 4 ;). She is so funny, and the two of them together are over-the-top funny. We're busy, but blessed!

  5. dear ji jit,
    i think you are as lovely as can be.
    please give your beautiful momma a big hug for me.

    mrs. amy

  6. Brrr...Ji-jit is such a sweet little angel, I love how she has adjusted so well to being a big sister!