Friday, October 15, 2010

My Sister, Alina (by Kyle)

Alina has made an impact on not only our lives, but other people's too. Alina and our family have been completely different than before we found her. She has made us understand that adopting a child like Alina is saving her life and giving her a group of people that she can finally call a family. I would not be able to imagine what life would be without her, or if nobody decided to take her in and she ended up dying without a family. Right now Alina can't thank us with words, but when she gets older she will understand what we did, and she will always know that we are there for her like she will also be for us.


  1. Kyle,
    Alina's gratitude may not come in words, but by every smile, laugh, giggle, hug, and kiss she is thanking you for giving her love, life, and a family to cherish her. She knows...

  2. So true! And we get a lot of each of those things! She loves her siblngs--all of them--but of all the kids names, the only one she says clearly (and she shouts it) is K-Y-L-E!

  3. so beautiful...and Kyle I think it is cute that she can say your name so clearly and shouts it like your mom described! She is so very blessed to have all of you!