Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alina - October

Alina is three and a half years old.  And though most people are shocked to hear it, Bridget is bigger than Alina, who looks much more "sturdy" than her older sister.  (Alina is 36 inches and 30 pounds.)   

She adores Bridget (who she now calls Bruh). She truly looks up to her.  It is too cute.  Whatever Bridget is doing, we will usually find Alina nearby doing the same thing or sitting and smiling while watching Bridget. 

She also "tells on" Bridget by pointing while saying Bruh! (look at Bridget!) to let me know that Bridget is getting into something or doing something she is not supposed to be doing.  As innocent as Bridget looks, this happens more often than you might think ;).

Alina loves to eat!  She's not picky.  At all.  She is game to try (and will finish) whatever we offer her.

Alina wants so much to talk, and is really trying.  She is making progress, though at this point we are hearing more sounds than clear words.  Her speech therapist at school is working on sound production while also offering her a variety of other creative methods to communicate (picture options as well as devices with switches and buttons that she can manipulate to show what she wants and what she understands).

Alina is downright dangerous with the t.v. remote. Every time she gets a hold of it, she's making something purposeful happen (and not just changing the channel or turning it off).  She's been caught trying to order Hot Tub Time Machine more than once, and recently, she somehow recorded 13 days worth of infomercials. 

Alina loves to tickle other people's feet (Emmy says it is one of Alina's talents...she really tickles).

Our two youngest girls are buddies...and complete opposites. 
The laughing that goes on at our house (and there's a lot of it) is a perfect example of the difference in our two little girls.  Bridget is a hee hee hee kind of a girl, while Alina is definitely the huh huh huh type.

While Bridget hugs, Alina waves.  She is the perpetual mayor, greeter and beauty queen, quick with a hearty Hi!, a wave and a smile.  

Bridget is a girly-girl.  Alina is a mixture, a tomboy-girl--she is rough and tumble, but loves (and I mean loves) playing dress-up.  No matter what she is wearing, she is also always in a tutu, or play shoes! 

And while Bridget is cautious, Alina is our risk taker (and has the bumps and bruises to prove it).  She approaches life, in general, with vigor.  She's quick to jump in and participate.  

To give a little more insight into our youngest daughter, here are some observations from her therapists at school:
"Alina has acquired her sister's love of giving orders!  We can't go more than 5 feet without her telling me to TOP!  (stop) :)"
"Alina is so friendly to the students we meet in and around the school!"
 "At snack today, Alina requested ah. puh. mo. (more apple) with prompting.  She signed it, too :)."
"Alina is doing super!  She seems to be getting into chairs safely--though she did try some acrobatics once in a chair :)."
Alina has added so much to our lives.  She's active and curious and adventurous, and she keeps us busy.  She also has a wonderful disposition and sweet spirit.

She is her own person...a beautiful and amazing person we are happy to know and love!


  1. I love reading about your girls! Thanks so much for sharing

  2. How sweet to read.....your adoption story is one of my favorites. It always gives me goosebumps. I think because of the total faith you went into it with, and how your husband so beautifully said "she looks like a little girl who really needs a family" .....just such selfless love and faith.

    It's a beautiful story. And you write it well :)

  3. Alina is such a treasure. I still can't believe she's the same girl in that terrible RR photo with the sad, sad eyes. She really is the poster child for adoption and how a child can and will flourish if given the chance to be in a loving, supportive family!

  4. I love the perpetual mayor, beauty queen waves she brings every morning:) Both girls are growing and learning new things!!

    BTW: When Austin was a little, he ordered an "adult" movie at a hotel before we caught him:( It must be a "right" of passage to order something using a remote!!!

  5. Yes, Shelly, you'd better keep a close eye on Sarah...she probably has not yet had the chance to try to order up pay-per-view programming ;).

    Alina had definitely seen a remote/t.v. before (they had one in her room...soap operas were always on), and she knew just how to point the remote at the t.v.

    She also takes our phones and tries to "text". So don't be super surprised if you get a random message from "me"!

  6. "Bridget is a hee hee hee kind of a girl, while Alina is definitely the huh huh huh type."

    I love this Lys!