Saturday, October 16, 2010

From the Heart

When I asked the kids to sit down and write a post for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, I had a feeling they would do so willingly.  What they each have written has come straight from their hearts (and heads), with no editing. 

Last year, to help get them started, I asked the kids to name three words to describe Bridget.  I asked them share details about Bridget, and how they felt about having her as a sister.  And we went in order, youngest to oldest--Emmy, Brian, Kyle, Sara.

This year, the kids chose the day they wanted to sit down and write.  They were asked to write on a topic of their choice, about either or both of their sisters--something which would offer readers a glimpse into our lives and how we feel about Bridget and Alina.

If you had a chance to talk to them at length about their sisters, you'd hear lots of funny stories and all about how their friends think their little sisters are "cool".  You'd hear about the little moments that make up our daily life, and about some bigger moments with much wider significance.

They have grown up loving and valuing their sisters with Down syndrome.  They've seen that Bridget and Alina are more like any other person than they are different, and just the same in the most important ways...


  1. I've enjoyed reading the siblings' stories about their sisters...just don't always have time to comment on each one. :( I'm proud of you that you've taken the 31 for 21 challenge seriously. I would have failed on day one so I opted not to put that on my plate. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. and let me tell you, each one has sent me reaching for the nearest tissue!

    great idea!