Monday, October 25, 2010

Checkmarks, Bubbles and Dots

...can never paint a full or accurate picture of a person.

While this type of questionnaire might provide some broad information, these dots do not represent my child.  They don't even begin to say what it is about her that makes her unique, special and talented in her own right. 

Whether or not my daughter can call her friends by name, can button her coat or knows at least two opposites, does not have any impact on who she is.

Two of my daughters have Down syndrome. They are not Down syndrome. 

They are amazing little girls who deserve to be seen as such.

My girls are not best described by a certain number of chromosomes, a list of health concerns, a score on a standardized test, or by the answers to questions on a fill-in-the-bubble developmental inventory.

Development charts and formal assessments provide limited information and perspective.  Yes, Bridget and Alina have Down syndrome, which includes developmental delays.

They both also have many skills and abilities.  They are loved and cherished and supported--and we see their huge potential. 

They deserve so much more than a label.  

They defy definition :).

*Tomorrow's post will be an update on Bridget.  Wednesday's will be all about Alina.

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