Thursday, October 07, 2010

My Little Sisters, by Emmy

Bridget and Alina are funny and cute.When Alina grows up I think she is going do gymnastics.When Bridget grows up I think she is going to be a hair stylist.They both like Blues Clues, Little Bear,Max and Ruby and Dora. They both like to get on the bus and Alina likes to push the mini shoping cart at school. At school befor I go to my classroom I go to Bridget and Alinas classroom.Alina is very good at puzzles Bridget is good at coloring.They are both good at jumping and kicking high.


  1. Emmy, you are such the observer to notice the unique gifts of your sisters. I love the way you shared how your sisters are are alike and different. You know your sisters well!!!

  2. What a lucky girl you are to have such sweet sisters and a wonderful family :)

    And I bet your sweet sisters are pretty lucky to have you too!

  3. Emmy......this so very sweet! Bridget and Alina are so lucky to have you as their big sister!