Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making a Difference

Every ounce of effort to understand DS and address it produces a pound of cure for many of its most tragic aspects. ~ Kathy Ireland, whose niece has Down syndrome

NIH funding for Down syndrome research is significantly lacking.  Those of us who live with--and love--someone with Ds, have a powerful voice.  We need to keep using it!  (Please follow the above link to read Kathy Ireland's article.)

Advocacy comes in different forms.  For blogging advocates, Down Syndrome Awareness Month brings 31 for 21--a challenge to post each day of the month, in honor of Trisomy 21.

Each blogger has his or her own goals for the month.  For some, that means finding something (anything) to write about and post, even if it doesn't have much to do with Down syndrome.  For others, the goal is to post information each day about Down syndrome specifically.  (Pictures, links, and re-posts are all easy ways to accomplish both missions.)

Most of us struggle to write or post something meaningful each and every day of the month, but we hope to do just that.  We hope to help others understand Down syndrome itself a little bit better.  We hope to share not only statistics, photos, descriptions and links, but also some of our own hearts and minds.

The larger goal for the month--31 for 21 in particular--is to increase traffic to all of our blogs, which in turn will increase awareness of life with Ds.  If each of us makes it a point to post something each day (or as often as we can) through the month, it increases visibility for the cause.

If each of us makes a point to publish even one post during the month that will help others to understand Down syndrome more clearly, or shows others how much we value our loved ones with Ds, we can make a difference.  You never know, your words (or photo, or link) might be seen by someone making a decision about a program which helps people with Ds, or they might help a parent with a new diagnosis, or even help an orphan with Down syndrome to find a home.

Blogging each day is a challenge.  If you are doing 31 for 21 and have posted each day:  keep going.  If you haven't posted each day:  don't feel guilty about it--and don't give up on it--just post when you can. Even if you are not participating in 31 for 21, please consider writing and sharing. 

Together, we can help change minds and improve life for people with Ds.  We can make a difference.  We are making a difference.


  1. hope you dont mind if we follow along. I love your blog. So well thought out and saying some of the same things we are thinking and blogging about at our house. I hope to learn a thing or two from your links.....

  2. Of course, Anna, I don't mind at all! Readers are always read along and to comment :).