Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your Turn

What have you found of interest on Bridget's Light? What keeps you coming back? Is there anything you'd like to see here more often (or less often)?

If you regularly read Bridget's blog, or if you have a blog I haven't yet seen, please leave a comment and tell me a little bit about yourself. I'd love to know more about my frequent flyers!


  1. I keep up with you and Bridget, because you are so positive and you speak from the heart. You often talk about how she IS progressing rather than where she is lacking. We are still new to Ds, but we are trying to keep a positive outlook always.

    We would love to hear more about whether you were placed into your school district this summer or whether you felt that she could get better services in another. I am always looking to get the best for my daughter and have not heard good things about our local school district.

  2. Hi Rachel ~

    Aubrey is precious! Thank you for the comments about Bridget's blog.

    We see Bridget as an individual on her own path, so we don't get too wrapped up in comparing her to other kids. We see ability and potential in her, not disability. She is just a kid who is growing and trying to find her way in the world. There are things about Bridget that are "different" from many other kids her age, but we don't see that as a "bad" thing. Bridget is Bridget...and she is awesome.

    Bridget's preschool is in our local school district. We got very lucky and happen to be in an area with a great special education program. Ask other parents in your area about what is available for Aubrey. Keep being her best advocate. As you already know, she is so worth it!

  3. I follow your blog because you have a positive, uplifting approach, because Bridget is just adorable, and because I enjoy the reading the writing.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Lisa!

    I can't even remember how I came across your blog...but I am so happy I did! I read your blog because I think Bridget is absolutely adorable, I think you are a beautiful writer, and because in the very beginning when my son's diagnosis of Down Syndrome was so new to me, your blog was and is always so POSITIVE. You have helped me in ways I don't know how to describe simply because you focus on the good...and that is what I needed to see and hear when I came across your blog. I have a son Colin who is almost 6 months old and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. It's been a journey for us, but one that we have fully embraced because our son is so strong and so loving. We don't know what we would do without him!

    You have a beautiful family and I have enjoyed reading! Thank you!
    Kelli Tobin

  5. I just love Briget's inner radiance. She is one of my most favorite little girls. I talk about her and you to many people in my life. I just adore you both!

  6. I apprececiate your talented use of words to paint wonderful images of Bridget and her influence on those who care for her. Those images are beneficial not only for those of us with children and loved ones living with Down syndrome, but for those peeking in to see that life with an extra chromosome can be such a blessing.

    In the early months after Clara's birth and diagnisis, I was encouraged to find another family that shared our positive perspective of the influence of that extra chromosome.

  7. I'm jumping on the positive bandwagon! Your spirit is uplifting and secure. Someone to meet someday... Of course Bridget is adorable. What would I like to see more of....hmmmm...can't think of a thing!Perhaps more about you?

  8. I love to come here for many reasons... livia and bridget are very close in age and I feel like they'd be good friends...I enjoy- and need- to keep connected to other families with a little one like mine, and am always looking for inspiration to live my fullest potential and support that in others... that's easy to come by here! your photographs are beautiful and your words eloquent, deep and full of humour. I often wonder to myself if I could speak as clearly and inspirationally as you do about your family, but i know we all have different talents, so I simply appreciate one of yours. livia's 3 brothers adore her to pieces and it's fun to imagine similar games of affection taking place in our households... you seem to believe in and focus on the good stuff in life ( don't worry, I know no one's perfect), and while I think I also do, sometimes I feel lost and am looking for reminders of the constant graces that surround us. that's just some of why I come here!

    how's bridget doing potty training? livia's been using diapers only at sleep time for almost 2 months now, and I am so proud of her! bedtime can get loonggg seeing as she often whispers to me "pee! pee!" just when she's heard a few lullabyes and seems close to sleep, but 98% of the time she really needs to do something on the potty and then falls quickly to sleep.

    all the best :-) tekeal

  9. Wow, thank you all so much for the kind words!

    I thought a lot about whether I wanted to start a blog about our life with Bridget. I didn't know if anyone would read it. I wondered if I should write about each of the kids (who are equally as wonderful and interesting and adored). But that would just be bragging :). I figure I can get away with it here (about Bridget) because so many people can't imagine life with a child with Down syndrome. I'm painting them a picture (and bragging a little. ahem.).

    I decided the blog is one way I can advocate for Bridget (to help others see how amazing she is). At the same time, the blog is meant to help parents with a new diagnosis. By virtue of the subject matter, the blog accomplishes both. Multi-tasking at its best :).

    I also decided that I'd be completely satisfied if this blog helped just one other person. I think it has, and I am.

    I am happy to give others a peek into our life and to help spread Bridget's Light.

    I know there are people out there who can't imagine what life must be like for us. I know there are parents with a new diagnosis who are searching for a ray of hope. I know there are other parents of children with Ds who are looking to exchange ideas, for support and for a safe place to express themselves.

    I didn't imagine that I'd find so many other kids, parents and families who would inspire me and support us in return.

    Good things all around...

  10. p.s., Jen, my friends and family know all about you and Joaquin, too :)!

  11. I just found your blog, so I'm a newbie to it, but I look forward to reading more. Bridget is adorable! I love that school picture of her with the huge smile. Seriously melts my heart. I look forward to reading more!

  12. p.p.s. tekeal, I am going to do an in-depth update on potty training soon :). I love Livia, she is darling.

  13. I'm a couple days late, but wanted to chime in. We love coming here because Bridget is so radiant and beautiful and you write so beautifully from the heart, Lisa. You inspire me to write and because Bridget is a year older than John Michael, you help bridge the gap of what we can expect in the year ahead. I love to read blogs from people who are uplifting and positive, which is what I also try to be for people. I guess I see a common connection between us, even outside of our precious children.

  14. Hi Lisa,

    I have stumbled on your blog from Sydney (Australia) and love reading about your adventures with Bridget. Like most of the other readers it is your heartfelt sharing of day to day happenings of parenting Bridget that keep me coming back. I am the Mum to one beautiful little boy (Flynn who is 2 1/2 years old) who is adventurious, curious, funny, kind and loving who happens to have Ds. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  15. Your sweet Bridget is a beauty whose light shines so brightly! I also love your honesty, your gift for writing and your very positive outlook. I think often about your post on "the power of words" and try remember that post when speaking of all of my children, but most importantly of Brennan. Much love and thanks to you for sharing Bridget, your family and your thoughts with us!

  16. I found your blog a short 6 days after my son was born, only hours after we received the results that Adam had Down syndrome. I was devastated...I thought my heart was going to shatter, and I felt as if I couldn't remember to breathe.
    Seeing the love and happiness Bridget brought to you and your family brought me HOPE. Thank you!

    We have a family blog... but its more of a mix bag... But still fun;)

    I am 31 Live in Canada and have 4 children Jayna 7 Jacob 5 Aliza 3 and Adam 6 months

    Thanks for sharing Bridget and your life with us!