Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So yes, blogging has taken a backseat to everyday life. Here's what I've been doing:

...learning how to tie a tie! Okay, I really did have to use this photo tutorial to get Kyle's tie figured out while Chris was out of town, but I have been doing a few other things as well. Ahem.

How about a little update on Miss Bridget (with more to come soon...I promise)!

New things she's saying:
"Where cup? See it. (i.e., I don't see it.)"

"Hap-py Birth-day to Bridgey!"

"Cup, pwease."

"Map!" (which means...Max & Ruby, her new favorite show)

"Boy!" "Girl!"

"Hot!" "Cold!"

"I" "Me" "You"


"Moe Juice!" "Moe Nilk!" "Moe Cup!" "Mom! Cup!" This girl likes her drinks! And her cheese, but that is another story for another day :).


  1. was wondering where you went...

    love to hear bridget's speech progress! oh how i yearn to hear ben speak more. in time, right?

  2. Lisa, I love that you give us updates on Bridget....I bet she has the cutest voice! Speach is on my mind so much lately as Kamryn is 14 months! always, Andrea

  3. we are big Max and Ruby fans here too. The show and the books are both great.

  4. Oh, I needed that tie tutorial a few weeks ago. Laurie's outfit she wore for picture day had a tie and I told her to just ask one of the mommies who were volunteering at picture day to tie it since I had absolutely no idea!!