Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Infatuation

Emmy has one American Girl doll, a "my twin" doll that Santa brought her a few years back. She rarely plays with it, but has a renewed interest since she'll be attending a tea party with the doll soon.

She brought the American Girl doll downstairs with her this morning. Bridget's eyes lit up and she quickly rushed over to grab the doll from Emmy. When Emmy offered her the baby doll nearby instead, Bridget pushed it aside and again went to grab the American Girl doll.

Emmy let her have it, and Bridget was thrilled. She hugged and kissed that doll for two hours. She held her hands and studied her feet. She brushed her hair and examined her face very closely. I guess someone will be getting a toddler/girl doll for Christmas this year. Baby dolls are so 5 minutes ago :).


  1. Awww how precious. I just bought my 4 year old a beautiful (AG-type)doll at Costco for Christmas. She's been stealing her older sis' AG dolls and messing up their hair. The Costco dolls are only $24.99 and are beautiful!

  2. what a cute story. I love when they find something they really love.

  3. I would love to see a picture of Bridget and that doll... I'll bet they are beautiful together :-)