Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Inclusion is not a "favor" for students with disabilities. Inclusion is a gift we give ourselves, the gift of understanding, the gift of knowing that we are all members of the human race...

- Mara Sapon-Shevin


  1. Lisa,

    I have never heard this. I love it! Andrea

  2. I need to remember this quote when it comes time to "chat" with our local public school taking Joaquin as one of their students :)!!!

  3. I've nominated you for a lemonade award. You can see at my post here (http://allaccesspasstojack.blogspot.com/2009/10/making-lemonade.html). I said that I nominate "Bridget's Light for a blog written with such love and acceptance of life as it is not as you might have feared or for life as you wish it had been and for reminding us that "Disability is Natural"."

  4. What a beautiful and true quote.

    Inclusion allows us all to accept ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing! Louise