Sunday, October 11, 2009

Look Who's Blogging

Like most three-year-olds, Bridget is interested in doing whatever she sees the rest of us doing. She loves telephones of all kinds (cell phones, rotary dial phones, cordless phones, etc.) loves iPods, and loves computers.

Here is my little helper...blogging (okay, she's just checking out her own blog). Notice that the mouse is on the left side of the computer. It is usually on the right side, but she's left-handed and moves it. (She has also been known to hit random keys--in her mind, she's typing--and has put dates in my Microsoft Outlook calendar. Reminders will pop up on my screen from time to time that look like this: GDHLSKJOIDHEWG{LSHOEJHLk 10:00 a.m.

More on preschool tomorrow, look for posts on feeding and speech later this week.


  1. And I'll bet those calendar popups remind you of how much you love her.

  2. If that's not the cutest thing...I totally see her following in her mother's footsteps someday and writing her own blog :)!

  3. What a cutie. I love that she's looking at her own blog.