Thursday, October 08, 2009

Describing Bridget - by sister Sara (14)

Three words to describe Bridget: "spunky, happy (most of the time!), amazing."

If I were going to describe my little sister to someone in a few brief words, Down syndrome wouldn't be on the list. It is part of her, but it is not essential to who she is. What I would say is that Bridget is my three year old baby sister (I still like to call her my baby sister, but the truth is that she is really growing up!). Sometimes she has an attitude, and she can also be very sweet :). She is smart and funny. Bridget is ten years younger than I am, so she does not really know if I am having a hard time with friends, school, or whatever. But no matter what, she can always brighten my day and make me happy. I love her so much!!


  1. Lovely description Lisa! What a wise big sister!

  2. Great description. I see future Best Friends/Sister in the making when Bridget is older and goes through some of the things your daugher is going through now. God has blessed you with wonderful kids.