Thursday, October 01, 2009

I Heart Someone with Down Syndrome

Today is the first day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and I will be taking part in "31 for 21"--a challenge to write or post each day of the month of October to advocate for people and families living with Down syndrome (31 days in honor of Trisomy 21).

I'll be sharing pictures, stories and updates on Bridget (including writing and thoughts from the rest of our family) and posting other items which shed light on disability and Down syndrome.

I wasn't blogging when Bridget was a baby, so I plan to post some highlights and pictures of Bridget's first few years that I have not yet written about here. I'll also re-post a few older items that many of you may not have seen.

If you are interested in (or have questions about) a particular area of Bridget's development, or our experience with a specific part of life with Bridget, please leave a comment or email me with questions or topic ideas. I hope to be able to give insight and comfort to parents who are new to this journey.

I look forward to reading about all of the other amazing people and families living with Ds!

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  1. Your daughter is a beauty! Can't wait to read more about her this month.