Friday, October 09, 2009

Say Cheese!

On school picture day, we tucked a completed LifeTouch envelope in Bridget's home-school folder, then into her butterfly backpack (which she now quickly the tides turn when you're three).

Chris and I giggled all morning about how the photographer was going to get her to sit and have her picture taken. Beyond that, we belly-laughed about what on earth we would find when we got to see the finished results. I envisioned half of Bridget in the frame (half in I'm outta here!), while Chris thought we might see the back of her head or her looking down, pouting.

We laughed even harder when we saw the above photo, which is the real McCoy, the finished product (and, as I'm sure you can all tell, a photograph of the actual photograph). I have no idea how the photographer got her to break into this huge grin, but it sure looks like she is having fun. This smile, the one with the half-moon eyes, is so Bridget. The picture is pretty darn cute, even if I secretly loathe LifeTouch.

If you're interested in getting an update on how preschool is going for Miss Bridget, check back this weekend. Next week, I'll be addressing speech delays and feeding issues. Fun stuff, so stay tuned...


  1. That's so precious! She is such a little beauty!

  2. I love this girl!!! Larkin's is going to be interesting because 2 people had to be on each side to keep her on the stool. Should be interesting :)

    Beautiful as always!!

  3. Sooooo cute! I can totally picture you guys laughing about how it would all go down, we'd be doing the same thing! Such a little love Bridget is!

  4. That is an adorable picture!

  5. Wonderful picture! And we don't secretly despise LifeTouch around here, LOL. I'm hoping the PTA (who sets up the school pictures) switches photographers next year!