Sunday, October 05, 2008

Buddy Walk 2008--Part IV

I forgot to post pictures of our Buddy Walk bags, like I promised earlier. I had fun packaging and delivering the bags! Each family of walkers received a bag with t-shirts (for those who ordered shirts), buttons, and individually-wrapped chocolate chip cookies for each family member. The cookies are a family favorite...Grammy's famous secret recipe :).

For anyone who happens to be interested :), I got the bags and tissue paper from Nashville Wraps (highly recommend). The tissue is "chocolate dots on aqua". Just by chance, I found matching ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

Since glitter & sparkles are a recurring theme with Bridget (Tiny Flashes of Light), her hand-held signs and notecards were decorated with fairy dust. The kids (and some adults!) carried shiny streamer wands and pom poms, which I ordered from the always cheesy--but fun--Oriental Trading Company.


  1. The Buddy Walk bags and all the signs are beautiful!!!. :)

  2. For the past two years, I've wanted to give "goodie" bags to our team members. Unfortunately, I've never been able to fill them with enough stuff! I think I'll use your idea next year and give them beforehand, shirts included!