Friday, October 17, 2008

Early Intervention--Our Mission and Goals for Bridget

Early Intervention (EI) is an important part of life for most families of children with special needs. Health and development related support services are critical from the ages of birth to three.

Since Bridget is two, we will be starting the process soon to transition her from EI to the local school system.

Between now and the end of October, I will post more specifics about Bridget's health and development as well as some thoughts about evaluations, assessments and goal setting.

When we first started services with Help Me Grow, I was asked to write a family mission statement. I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote it, but I did know that I believed strongly in Bridget--in her potential--and in her right to be treated with love and respect. I also knew that Chris and I would approach her learning with creativity and dedication.

After seeing our four older children move from infants to toddlers (and beyond), it became clear that each child reaches milestones on his or her own schedule, and that there is quite a range even in "normal", or typical development. Each child has his or her own strengths and talents as well as areas of difficulty. We understood from the beginning that Bridget would also acquire skills on her own timeline, and that she would have her own set of talents and limitations.

My own belief is that children benefit most from cues-based teaching. So, we focus on skills as she shows readiness (instead of "teaching" her from a pre-existing plan). For our family, it also makes sense to do as much as possible at home--our natural environment--where play doubles as therapy.

Our Mission
Statement For Bridget's Early Intervention Services:

We believe that Life is a gift, and that Bridget is a gift. We believe that all people are always in the process of becoming--and that all people seek to find meaning in Life. We value Bridget as a person and as a family member. We realize that she will benefit from specialized services and are committed to giving her every type of support and encouragement to be as happy, healthy and independent as she can be.

We will provide a loving and encouraging environment at home for all of our children. We will be reflective, open and unwavering in our efforts to be the best parents we can be for Bridget and her siblings. Our goal is to be educated and able to make informed decisions about Bridget's care and to be the very best advocates for her in all arenas. We'd like a family-centered, home-based approach to interventions and therapies whenever possible. We want to look for things we can do at home, as a part of our regular lives, to benefit her and give her a great start in Life.

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  1. That is a beautiful and promising mission statement!!!. :)