Wednesday, October 15, 2008

21 Things to Love

In keeping with the "21" theme, here are 21 Things to Love about Bridget:

1. She's super busy, but she's also a big Snugglebug. She is the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy.

2. She's expressive. She loves to raise her eyebrows or wrinkle her nose. She's got one look--a little one-eyed, sideways look--that says she means business, or that she's got your number.

3. She's determined. And, while Bridget is often agreeable, she's two--she does things on her own terms :).

4. She used to haul off and smack my chest when someone asked, "Where's mommy?". BOOM. Right here ->!. She now says "Mom Mom" and lightly pats.

5. She eats everything we put in front of her.

6. When she looks in a mirror, she signs "beautiful", then "baby".

7. When her diaper is wet, she takes it off and puts it on the kitchen counter (?). When it is dirty, she just waves her hand in front of her nose and says, "dee dee" (which means case we didn't already notice!).

8. For Bridget, every item is a potential phone (i.e., spoon phone, cookie phone, lipgloss phone).

9. She answers her phones, "Heh-yo, heh-yo, heh-yo?"...then throws her head back and laughs (loudly).

10. She might be part hunting dog...If she wants something but can't reach it, she sits quietly with her arm extended, and her index finger pointing directly to the item she wants. She does not move until she gets it.

11. She knows exactly who she can get a reaction from...and she doesn't give up until the desired reaction is reached many times over.

12. When she says "Papa", she always whispers it (so sweet).

13. She loves Hi-5 on Discovery Kids. She bounces, waves her hands in the air, and sings "Oooh Bop Bop!" to the opening song :).

14. She wipes her own mouth after she "kisses" someone (while we're all wiping our cheeks!).

15. She likes to wear sunglasses on her head and strap a purse over her shoulder.

16. She leans in, smiles & waves, and says "HI!" to babies, or to her own reflection.

17. She says "Ow, Ow!" when she doesn't want to do something or doesn't like it.

18. She pats, gently rubs, or taps us with her fingers (on the arm, chest, back or forehead) to say "I Love You" or "It's going to be okay".

19. Her hair and skin are soft as silk.

20. Her smile...and her voice...and her giggle...are sweeter than words can describe.

21. I could name a million more things. In a matter of minutes this morning, I was able to think of enough things to fill three lists. As Brian said in his post, Bridget makes life interesting. She brings warmth and depth to our family. There's just so much to love...


  1. I love the posts about Bridget from your other kiddos. They are so sweet. I can't wait to see what Greg has to say about Leah as he gets older.

  2. LP, thank you so much for this heartfelt post!!!. :)

  3. I love this post. Thank you for sharing your story!