Monday, October 20, 2008

More to Love

Bridget's extra chromosome translates into so much extra in all of our lives. We were talking yesterday afternoon about all the cute and funny things she does that make us smile. Adding to the previous list, here are 21 more things we love about Bridget:

1. She does a great "shoulder shimmy"--what two-year-old does this ? It's hilarious. :)

2. She "ROCKS OUT". (When she likes a song, she pumps her fists in the air, nods her head and makes "pouty lips"). Again...hilarious!

3. She likes to lay on her tummy to watch t.v., with her elbows on the floor resting her little face in her hands.

4. She sits in the stairwell and shouts for Daddy, "Da! Da!"

5. She's super enthusiastic about ice cream. She signs "ice cream" and "more" the whole time she's eating it.

6. When we ask her, "Would you like this?" (She signs "yes"). We ask, "You do?" She answers with the sweetest little, "Dooo!"

7. She can be "quiet as a mouse" (with her index finger to her lips "SHHH!"). This doesn't usually last for long.

8. She claps and yells when the crowd cheers at Kyle's football games.

9. I love it when I walk around the corner into the family room and see Bridget and one of the kids sitting on the couch listening to an iPod--each with one earbud, smiling and bopping to the music.

10. Bridget signs "banana" for her Nana :).

11. Anyone sitting at our house should prepare to have Bridget on their lap. She assumes no one minds if she climbs up and straddles them, or backs into their lap.

12. She tries to throw ping pong balls into the basketball hoop in our basement. Ping pong balls are lighter than air and Bridget is super short, so her shots go up about 12-18 inches. That doesn't stop her from trying, though. Good luck with that, Bridget :)!

13. She will remove hats or sunglasses from anyone within reach. She will immediately give them back, but will take them off again if given a chance.

14. She loves to take turns.

15. She always wakes up happy, and wants to snuggle before she gets going.

16. She likes to close any cupboard, drawer or door left open...that includes the trash compactor.

17. She goes to the front door every morning to wave good-bye to the kids before they get on the bus. Recently, she has started standing in the doorway. I love the look on the kids' faces when they look back to see her smiling and waving.

18. She's the clean-up crew/choking hazard police. She finds small objects or crumbs on the floor and hands them over. It's like, "Here, I'm not supposed to have this" or "This is not supposed to be on the floor". She'll come all the way across the first floor to hand me a speck-sized pencil shaving or a piece of dried macaroni :).

19. She always burps when asked. If I'm ever not sure where she's gone, I'll say, "Bridget can you burp?" It's so loud, there is no question as to her location...and I am hard of hearing :). If she burps for real and on accident, she clasps her hands at her chest then leans forward and giggles before unleashing another contrived belch. I thought only 8 year old boys found burps to be so funny.

20. She does everything else we ask her to do only when she wants to.

21. She hums while she plays.

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