Saturday, October 04, 2008

Buddy Walk 2008--Part III

Deep feelings of thankfulness have surrounded me recently--even in my dreams. Last night, as I slept, I had clear visions of myself sitting at our kitchen table with Judy, our neighbor, and Sarah, a dear friend from college. It was a few days before I left for California for my brain surgery, and we were going over the list of all the families they had scheduled to bring my family meals while Chris and I were gone and during my recovery. Many of the names on the calendar were not people I knew, but who had offered to help nonetheless. Judy and Sarah set out to fill a month's worth of dates. They ended up filling three months.

The morning of the surgery, as I was wheeled away from Chris and through the double set of doors into the sterile operating room, I thought about how much I love Life and my family--and of the huge embrace from family, friends, and community. Within minutes, I felt the sting of a needle going into the back of my hand, and a razor shaving the back of my head--an odd sensation, especially when coupled with such overwhelming gratitude.

I have no idea why my subconscious chose now to re-live that moment, but I have been talking recently about a similar embrace we felt through response to the Buddy Walk and Bridget's Light.

Maybe it is a gentle nudge to keep sharing our story...

From my first post (Introduction):

I believe that people are inherently good. I see it everywhere, in faces, in big and small gestures, and in people giving of themselves (personal support or corporate commitment).

I believe the universe is inherently friendly; that good things happen even in the worst of times; and that we make conscious choices to be hopeful, and to let love lead.

I have tremendous faith that, in the end, love always prevails.

Our family has been so deeply impacted by Bridget and the events of the past few years--in a really good way. Now, it's my job to spread the goodness :)...

To that end, here are more photos from the Buddy Walk:


  1. You were able to capture perfect pictures at the walk. It makes me very sad I forgot my camera.

  2. Mary, I am so sorry you did not have your camera...I hope other people on your team did and can give you some good pics to remember it! Bridget and Leah look alot alike--don't you think?

  3. I do too! Bridget reminds me of Leah everytime I see a picture. I'd love to get the girls together sometime and meet you.

  4. Great pictures!!!. I love your first post -introduction- I think is very beautiful and inspiring!!!. I also have tremendous faith in "LOVE". Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your love and wisdom. :)

  5. Being a part of Bridget's walk was such an incredible experience. The love and support from everyone in the team was endless and encompassing.

    Bridget loved signing for all of the young girls who were sitting around her and playing with her. She loves to do her fish face, duck, butterfly, and monkey. The girls that were interacting with Bridget were smiling ear to ear because they had never met anyone with Bridget's light.