Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Look Back: One Year Ago (Post 1)

On this day last year, Chris and I were in transit between the United States and Ukraine, as we set out on our Adventure of a Lifetime

Chris, the more adventurous one of the two of us, was loving life.  I was already exhausted, and after days of intense travel preparations plus an awful flight from Chicago to Munich, spent 4 hours sleeping on an airport bench while clutching my purse.

MacGuyver Chris spent our layover in Germany trying to figure out how to get our phones or an internet connection to work so we could let our facilitators know that we missed one of our connecting flights and would be arriving in Kiev later than we'd planned.

Independence Square, Downtown Kiev
We made it into Kiev very late at night on April 7th, 2010 after leaving the States in the afternoon of April 5th.  

Nevertheless, we made it, and I plan on sharing some of the details of our time there.

I know that many people enjoy following adoptions, so here are a few families who will be making the same trip we did, and meeting their children soon: 

Local friends--The Archers (Shelly was Sara's third grade teacher)--leave this weekend to go get their daughter (Sarah, known on RR as "Jessie"). Please follow their journey here.

Blogging friends--The Whites--are returning to Ukraine after adopting three children last year, and have their SDA appointment the same day as the Archers to begin their process of adopting two more little ones (Johanna Cait & Cole, known on RR as "Leesia" and "Nick"). Follow their journey here.

Blogging friends--The Cox family--adopting Kareen--already have one biological daughter with Down syndrome (Bree) and are heading overseas soon for Kareen. They are just waiting for their travel date.


  1. I have such a hard time reading went to Zap, and seeing it and hearing about it and REMEMBERING it...just does something to me. Makes me long for it so badly I can't seem to function in my 'real' life. It's almost like a long lost dream that I'm trying to get back to...kind of weird, I know.

    I love your story. Your journey to Alina. It touches me deeply. The way you documented it was beautiful.

  2. I have been WAITING for you to start this look back! Can you believe it has been a year?!!! Crazy!! You two look so cute in that picture! Reading this makes me so excited to be heading soon!!!!! I read Shelly's blog lasta night and loved the connection of you two! That is so awesome that she was your daughters teacher and is now on this same path! Love it! I want to go buy the book she talks about on her blog...Red thread! Can't wait to see more of your look back posts! Thanks for including me in have SAVED me more times than I can count from day one of this...well really from way before day one!! ha ha!!! I would be flattered to have friends/readers of yours follow our journey too!

  3. Wow. A whole year... that's amazing...