Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blitz for Kirill & Archie--Two Days Left

Because of all of you, the Davis Family ChipIn for Kirill has reached its goal. Tesney Davis has asked us to use the remainder of the fundraiser to spread Kirill’s legacy and help another child with Down syndrome become an orphan no more...specifically, Archie.  So we've opened up a ChipIn for Archie and his family. It almost over, and there's still about $5,000 left to raise.  If Kirill's story moves you, please give to help Archie come home, and help us spread the love even further.

See the original post on Bethany's blog for details :). Prizes are the same, rules are the same. This is one continuous fundraiser and it ends tomorrow.  THANK YOU!!


  1. The love never ends! Extraordinary!!!

  2. Donated to Help Archie. SO glad Kirill met his goal!!