Saturday, February 27, 2010

Funny Girl

One of the many funny things about Bridget: she gets grossed out easily. She doesn't like piles of crumbs, dirty snow, or hair (unless it is attached to someone's head).

I tried to cut her hair recently, and as soon as she saw the first piece fall, she pointed to it and shouted EWWWW! She was yelling, trying to move away from the falling hair. (It makes for a funny story, but an interesting haircut. At least neither of us was injured in the process.)

A few days later, Bridget reached into her toy bin and once again began yelling EWWWW! I saw her toss something like a hot potato. Was it a bug? An old piece of food that had somehow made its way into her toys? No, it was this camel from her Fisher Price Noah's Ark playset:

I'll admit it, I think it is a little gross, too. But I have to giggle now when I see it sitting on the high-top table in our family room, far from the other toys and definitely out of Bridget's view :).


  1. That is the craziest looking camel I have ever seen! Morgan is the same way. We've never been able to do the tooth fairy thing with her because as soon as one of her teeth falls out she says, "Eeeeewwww!!!" And throws it across the room!

  2. If I remember correctly, I think they were billed as sensory/tactile toys...the peacock has satin crinkly feathers...but it is actually cute :).

  3. Hopefully she won't be like Aidan and almost puke at the sight of play doh!

  4. Haha--that camel's a bit strange...
    Sammi doesn't like messes, either. Hate when her hands are dirty and asks for a napkin. LOL At least we don't get little dirty fingerprints all over the furniture, right?

  5. I, like many others, happened upon your blog on accident. I have never commented before, but for some reason this makes me laugh uncontrollably. Thank you for sharing your life you would be amazed who you have touched.