Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The fact that I have not updated my adoption timeline (on the sidebar) for a few weeks does not mean that things haven't been happening. It does mean, though, that I have not been able to write about those things. (I'll explain more on that in another post.)

Our big news is that we are very close to being able to mail our dossier to Alina's country. We have received our approval from USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration) to adopt internationally. This means that we are one (giant) step closer to traveling to meet Alina and bring her home :)!!

We will be very busy the next several days getting the appropriate certifications and approvals on the remainder of our documents for our dossier packet to send overseas.

Thank you so much for all of the good wishes and prayers. We are so blessed...


  1. yipee and yahoo and woohooot!!

    keep us posted lisa. we are so thrilled for all of you.

    and now, i'm thinking ben may have to choose between bridget and alina...tough choice, huh??!! :)

  2. :) He is going to have to get in line, Amy. Our 5th grader has two friends who want to marry Bridget (according to them, she's "way cuter" than any of the girls they know). Brian is suggesting that one of those boys should marry Bridget and one should marry Alina :). The girls just might want to have something to say about that...

  3. I know you're so excited about getting this much closer to Alina. I'm so excited for you as well. Don't forget to take a picture of you kissing the UPS guy when you hand over your dossier. (I heard that helps it get there on time-ha, ha!)


  4. Yay!!!! ...and check your email, I have been meaning to email you about a dream I had about Alina. :)

  5. Wonderful news, Lisa!!! I'm SO excited for you and your family!!! : )

  6. Yay!!! That is great. Im so excited for you. It is such an awesome feeling isnt it. Cant wait to see your post say that the dossier is on its way!

  7. That's GREAT!!! It feels so good to start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!