Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Take My Hand--Isle of Capri

Isle of Capri
(For Kelle and Nella)

Take my hand
the both of you
There is something
I want you to see

There is a little girl dancing
with her big sister
and her momma and her daddy
on Isle of Capri

See the light
coming from over there
in the distance?
It is not the sun

There is a family whose love
has opened many hearts
and minds, whose light shines
so others may see

The littlest one dances
her feet in the sand
her heart soaring above
(Their hearts soaring above)

For they know the secret to happiness
That beauty is within
and that Love dissolves fear
(Love is big: there is nothing to fear)

There is no other way
This is the life meant for them
so they live it, fulfilled
knowing that they are blessed

They have learned
that each moment is precious
that each human is precious
and that neither should be taken for granted

They dance because they are the lucky ones
and because they know
that each unique footprint in the sand
is the mark of Goodness


This is your life. Grab it. Love it. Roll in it. Own it. Be grateful for it.

You sparkle, and we're all a little better for knowing you.

**This post was written for a family with a new Ds diagnosis. Follow the links in the title above to visit their blog and to read the incredibly moving birth story of Nella Cordelia.


  1. Such a beautiful poem. I just met them. My mom showed me all the pictures of the new little baby girl and her momma.

  2. Oh wow Lisa! Thank you for sharing Kelle's blog...just beautiful. And again you amaze me with your gift of sharing your light with others. Breathtaking!

  3. Tears. Don't know how I found this, but meant to be. We feel so loved.

  4. I'm not suprised you composed such a beautiful poem for Kelle and Nella because I thought, "I hope she finds Lisa and Bridget" when I read her birth story. I couldn't have been more blown away by a birth story and a blog. As I've said to my friends, "Caleb keeps showing me the warriors".

  5. Dang, Ann, I thought I was done with the tears for today. I'm not sad, just overwhelmed with all the non-coincidences :)...

  6. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Lisa, thank you so much for introducing us to Kelle and Nella's story. It is so beautiful! And it just takes you back to that delivery room and you feel like you are reliving those precious moments (the you then and the you now). Very powerful! And you, could your heart be any any bigger or warmer? I thank Landon every day for the many gifts he has given me (especially this warm-hearted community).

  8. Aren't they a beautiful family?!

  9. Lisa, you are awesome...this is just beautiful!

  10. That was just beautiful. And they really are a beautiful family.

  11. OMG -- love this soooo much. <3 you, girl. xoxo