Thursday, March 04, 2010

Funny Girl, Part II

Bridget keeps us smiling. There are so many things I wanted to add to that last post--things that make life with Bridget interesting and fun. And none of them have much to do with the extra chromosome :). So here they are, some other things I love about life with her:

-She always notices if I hit a pot hole, speed bump or curb. Oopsie, she says quietly from the back seat. She also shouts Whoa! when we turn corners.

-She knows what she wants (and doesn't want) and is always thinking about how best to get her point across. At dinner one night recently, she was trying to get out of eating brussels sprouts. The conversation went: Bridget: Mommy, hot. Me: No, Bridget, they are not hot. Bridget: Mommy, Eewww.

-Bridget surprises people (us included). Whenever we go through a drive through, Bridget sits silently while I am ordering. She must be listening intently, because she waits until the order-taker gives the total, and then she shouts O-K!! BYE!! The people at the window are always laughing when we pull up.

-She is persistent and polite at the same time :). If she wants a cup, for example, everyone should be prepared to hear her requests for that cup over and over until said cup is retrieved. She almost always adds a very sweet Please to the request, but her eye is on the prize. Anyone who answers her calls for help is rewarded with a hearty "Que" (Thank You) or a Job! (Good Job).

-Bridget takes great care of her baby dolls and stuffed animals (and a 12-inch Spiderman action figure). She likes to get them comfy with pillows and blankets and books. She feeds them, rocks them, kisses them and takes them for walks. It is not uncommon to look in our family room and see a doll lovingly tucked into the doll pack & play, or to see Bridget come around the corner pushing Spiderman in the doll stroller.

What things do you love about life with your kids?


  1. I just love posts like this! You had me giggling
    so much especially over the 1 about riding
    in the car and hitting funny. You
    have such a sweet girl!

    What I love about Colin is his personality. He is
    truly turning into a ham! He gives this smile that
    makes him look like such a cheeseball!

  2. Oh she gives me such a great giggle! What fun you must have with her!! Love that girl!

  3. Lisa, I just love reading your posts! So often I am grining from ear to ear as I read! So many things I love about life with my girls..In the morning I tell the girls go pick out your clothes and Brynn is into wearing dresses w/pants under them (they normally do not match). She looks like there is no mama helping her get ready and a true case of neglect!:) But I smile everytime I see her creations! Kamryn is into telling us NO! I have always found it funny when my 18 month old tells me NO...who is the boss anyway! My older two, I am smiling just thinking about them! I love life w/them, it is beautiful!

  4. This post made me smile--I love that she comments on your driving!

  5. Lisa, Love that post. I have been trying to be more mindful of enjoying the little things. Just today, I was watching my husband and Lucas rolling around and "wrestling" in the backyard and Lucas was squirming and full of huge giggles (he's soooo ticklish). He too knows exactly what he wants and is so persistent... for a while I wondered when I would hear him say "mom" and then he started and now uses it dozens of times a day to get me to pay attention and do as he says! He's a trip! Oh and we've recently discovered he's a HUGE American Idol fan...after every performance he's "I want more sing" cause he just can't get enough. I could go on and on...needless to say, life is good!