Saturday, February 27, 2010

En Route to Paris!

...our dossier that is :)! We were able to mail it yesterday to Alina's country!

In the package: 32 documents--including our completed homestudy report, verification of employment, proof of home ownership, medical certificates, marriage certificate, copies of our passports, police clearances, Power of Attorney documents (3), 2008 tax return, copies of licenses for professionals who signed our forms and several other petitions and forms--each one notarized, then certified by our county, then certified by the State of Ohio.

In the past two months, it seems like we have not stopped moving. On our way to get our new daughter, every day counts. We can't get to her fast enough.

There have been many days recently when we have truly felt like contestants on The Amazing Race...and I have the best partner.

Chris was in South Carolina yesterday morning and was due home in the afternoon. His flight was delayed--and he had hoped to be home in time to finish a few last certifications and mail our package by the end of the day--so he had a friend drive him 1 1/2 hours to a different airport and caught a flight that would get him home in time (THANK YOU, JOHN!). Chris did not give me details until he was already home, but apparently there was nowhere to stop for gas and their car was on EMPTY for the last 10 miles of the trip. Chris got to the airport just 20 minutes before the flight left, but he made it home. (Alina will never have to wonder if her daddy loved her right from the start. He has done everything he could possibly do, without once questioning or hesitating, to get to her as fast as we can.)

If it were up to us, we would have boarded a plane the day we committed to be Alina's family. But there are plenty of steps in the process that we cannot control.

There have been many people who have helped us along the way, and a few who have unintentionally held us up. There have been things that have gone in our favor, and also some things that have created hurdles. But our paperwork is on the way--finally--and we are thrilled!

As I tried to get a picture of our dossier leaving for Alina's country, Bridget jumped into the picture. She knew that there was a huge flurry of activity and lots of excitement over here yesterday, but she has no idea how the package behind her is going to change her life :)...
Alina, your wait for a family is almost over! We'll be there before you know it :).


  1. Awww, how sweet to see Bridget! She's going to be a great big sister! I'm thrilled that things are moving along for you.

  2. You guys will get the ultimate prize for your Amazing Race to Alina--a new daughter!!! How wonderful that you're one giant step closer!!

    Can't wait to see pictures of Bridget and Alina together!!!


  3. Wow- one huge step closer!
    Cute picture!

  4. Wow! This is so exciting! Congrats! So many hopefully traveling SOON!!

  5. Congratulations! We will keep you in our prayers as you continue your journey to bring Alina home.

  6. Bridget is darling and already has a connection, a 'pull' toward her sister--as she wanted to be a part of the picture of the package that will get you that much closer to your prize, your precious daughter--CONGRATS on all you have accomplished this far-- my prayers are with you and your family for your amazing race to continue smoothly! :)

  7. We are hoping to adopt Yana from Russia Region 7. We live in Zanesville, Ohio...close to you. Good luck with your adoption. Maybe one day we will get them together?! I say a buddy walk team might be in order at the Crew Stadium. Our blog address is

  8. Yes I do. We come every year. We have been coming for the last three years. I can't wait til our girls come home!!

  9. How adorable--- what a jorueny it will be traveling to get your little girl!

  10. Bridget is too cute...I love the p.j.'s - our daughter, Gianna, has the same ones :) I can't wait to see pics of Bridget and Alina together! Hopefully your dossier will be submitted this Thursday!! (we are hoping ours will too) All this waiting makes me want to eat easter candy!