Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Potty Training Report #2

We are at the start of day three. I've lost sticker count already, partially because we have had quite a bit of success, and partially because everything is starting to run together. Potty training is exhausting! It is all-encompassing :).

So yesterday went well, overall. The morning, again, was slightly better than the evening.

Both days, Bridget did all of her "business" in the potty for the first entire half of the day (pre-nap)! Both days, she went half-in-half-out (each time) for the rest of the day (post-nap). We have not had a full-blown accident yet. (She is napping and going to bed at night in diapers.)

One of our issues has been getting her little underwear out of the way quick enough, so she's running around commando quite a bit. (When she's got to go, she's got to go NOW, as in realizing it when she's already going).

We've been through the same thing with all the kids, but it seems like they were a little bit more predictable. Bridget goes a long time between restroom stops, even though she drinks a ton. So the first day the poor thing sat on the potty chair for about two hours straight. (On a positive note, we have used the time to do a lot of singing, reading and finger plays. Bridget is loving that part, and picking up new things daily.)

Bridget is not yet telling me when she needs to go (unless you count "Oh!" as the stream starts flowing). So guessing when she might need to go has been a full-time job. If she's already sitting on the chair when she starts going, we're good. If she is not on the chair, she freezes, as in scared stiff.

Last night, after sitting in the bathroom for about an hour with Bridget watching a Sesame Street DVD, I got up to put something in the kitchen trash can. She got up from her potty and, as Murphy's Law would have it, started to go standing up. She started yelling and tried to get out of the bathroom right away. She slipped on the wet spot and was sobbing on her hands and knees in a puddle of pee when I rounded the corner.

I tied to console her as I cleaned her feet, then grabbed the paper towels and spray cleaner off the bathroom counter. I had just finished wiping up the wet spot when I turned around to see her standing at the door with our dustpan and brush. She was going to try to clean up the mess. (How cute is that? Cue tears from a tired mommy.)

She did go (mostly) in the potty before bed and again first thing this morning. She is running around sans clothes right now, so I should wrap up this report. I'll give another potty training update on Friday, for anyone who is following our p.t. progress :).

On another note all together, Bridget's newest favorite thing to say is "Aw, cute!" which she exclaimed last night when tugging on the front of her daddy's golf shirt. (She watched as Sara tried on new school clothes the other day. I'd say, "Oh, that's cute!" As usual, Bridget is watching and listening closely).

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  1. I've just spent the last hour looking over your website that is dedicated to Bridget and new parents. You have done an amazing job! I hope new parents are able to find that website. What a resource of hope and strength for a new family. You have a beautiful family, too. Didn't know you had 5! :)