Friday, July 10, 2009

The Mayor of Incredible Pizza

The kids always look forward to an evening at Incredible Pizza when we visit Grammy & Papa. The past few years, Bridget and I have stayed home while the rest of the group went because I thought it might be a little overwhelming for her.

This year, I was surprised that Bridget enjoyed not only the pizza and dessert buffet, but also the noisy game room (think Chuck E Cheese on steroids). Papa and I were on "Bridget duty". We were trying to keep her safe, so she was in a stroller most of the time, but she really wanted us to let her loose.

In the end, she got her wish and we let her push her own stroller/walk around for a few minutes before we left. She took off...and tried to get in line for the Go-Karts. She stopped only to greet people in her path. Another toddler. An older woman. A young man with tattoos.

One by one, each of them stopped to talk to her. She reached out. I pulled her back and started to say, "I'm sorry. It's time to go, sweetie...". But she gave them each a hug before she was on her way again.

I had tried to hurry her, for so many reasons. But no one else wanted to rush her off. One-by-one, each of the innocent by-standers stood, smiling, waiting for Bridget to be the one to say goodbye. They seemed genuinely surprised, and happy, to be noticed.

The older woman, with tears in her eyes, bent down and said to Bridget, "Honey, you'll never know a stranger." She turned to me. "Your little girl just made my day."

In the midst of all the chaos and flashing lights and noise, Bridget (her tiny little self) made people stop. And smile. And feel special. She has a way of doing just that. And I love that about her...


  1. Beautiful post. I feel this way about Lila, too. She has a way of bringing a peaceful calm and we're so blessed to call her ours.

  2. Tears in my eyes! I felt the same way about Joaquin today in the waiting room at our audiology appointment and in the elevator as well. He will smile and wave to just about anyone who will give him eye contact. He will never know a stranger too. I love our precious angels.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. And some parents really have trouble with this too but I always have gotten the most wonderful responses- perhaps it feels good to me because I think the world (and me) never get enough good hugs. Some of our friends call it Kayli therapy hugs! I love that you set her loose. It's so great when our kids have that 'full of myself and loving it' feeling!