Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mission Statement for Services

We've revised our Family Mission Statement from Early Intervention for Bridget's transition to the school system. I'll be posting information on our experiences with her new set of goals and services as we move forward. I am posting this here to give others an idea of how we are approaching Bridget's growth and use of specialized services. If you are in the process of formulating your own Mission Statement, please feel free to pull from the following as needed.

Mission Statement
For Bridget's Preschool Services

We believe that Life is a gift, and that Bridget is a gift. We believe that all people are always in the process of becoming--and that all people seek to find meaning in Life. We value Bridget as a person and as a family member.

As her parents, our goal is to be educated and able to make informed decisions about Bridget's care and to be the very best advocates for her in all arenas. We will approach her learning with creativity and dedication. We will work willingly with teachers, therapists, administrators and other care providers to create and carry out an appropriate plan for Bridget’s growth and participation in the classroom.

We’d like to see cues-based instruction whenever possible, or encouraging Bridget to acquire skills as she shows readiness (instead of "teaching" her from a pre-existing plan based on standard development scales).

Bridget is reaching milestones on her own timeline, and has her own set of talents and challenges. We’d like to pay attention to her gifts while offering her opportunities to grow.

We believe strongly in Bridget--in her abilities and potential--and in her right to be treated with love and respect. We realize that she will benefit from specialized services and are committed to giving her every type of support and encouragement to be as happy, healthy and independent as she can be.

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