Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday in Review (Brief)

We had a wonderful day today! Thank you for all the warm birthday wishes for Bridget!

This afternoon, we met (for the very last time) with our Early Intervention team. We are really going to miss them.

I've been fighting back tears all day today. I'll cover that in more depth in my next post. But I keep coming back to the same thought: How is it possible that Bridget is already three years old and getting ready to head to preschool? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was holding this tiny baby in my arms, wondering what the future would bring?

Well, that future is here...and so are a few snapshots to prove it :).

Thanks again for all the love and sweet birthday wishes...


  1. And what a wonderful future it is (and will be)!

  2. Happy Birthday Bridget!!! My first visit here. looking forward to reading more about your beautiful Bridget!