Thursday, April 08, 2010

Big Day Today

Our appointment with the State Department of Adoptions (SDA) is today at 12:30 pm. Our driver is picking us up at 11:30, even though the SDA is not too far from where we are staying. It is imperative that we are not late :)!

We will get to see our complete dossier as well as Alina's file (including her baby picture), and will get to hear more about her background and the circumstances which left her without a family to call her own. We may get information about her current condition and any health or developmental issues...or we may not. We have no idea what to expect in that regard...all we know about Alina is what is listed on Reece's Rainbow.

We will get our official referral hopefully by Friday afternoon, and then will head to her region to meet her!


  1. Can you beleive you are at this point??
    I can't wait to hear details!
    Good Luck and remember....take it all in, the sights, the smells, everything. It's a wonderful time in your life, and oh, SO exciting :)


  2. God's Blessings today! We hope everything goes well and that they give you a little more information to have about her until you can meet her.

  3. I already had it on my calendar that today is the day for SDA! Hey, that rhymed. :) Hope you and Chris are enjoying the city and have found some fun things to eat! Looking forward to your next post with information about sweet Alina!

  4. Good Luck !!! I will be praying for you:)

  5. Lisa, this is so exciting!! Each post has me anxious for the next. I love that so many of you in the blogging community have opened your hearts and homes to these beautiful children. With each story I read, I feel a stronger tug at my heart strings! Maybe, someday, we will be a sweet child's forever family too:)

    I can only imagine the overflowing rush of emotions you are feeling leading up to that moment when you will lock eyes with your daughter and hold her close.

    Lisa, you and your family are so selfless and amazing. Alina is one lucky little girl! I am so excited to follow this new adventure!!

  6. I can't wait to hear everything about it!!!!!