Saturday, April 17, 2010

There are no words... describe the feelings in this room tonight...


  1. Please tell me this is because of good circumstances and not bad ones!

  2. What happened? Hope all is well! We are on pins and needles waiting to hear if our flight will be allowed on Monday...hoping and praying...

  3. I am so sorry if anyone was worried...our internet and browsers have been acting up...and we did not realize only the title posted!

    We had to be quick...our new roommate was busy exploring/taking a wrecking ball to our hotel room :)...(she did wipe down all the tables herself this morning!).

    When she fell asleep, Chris and I could not come close to describing the feelings and emotions we were experiencing. We hoped to let the picture tell most of the story...oops, no picture, though ;).

    Alina is doing great, she is here with us! We are doing great as well.

    With each moment that passes, we are learning more about our amazing little girl.

    Our hearts are full and grateful, and at the same time they are aching for the little ones we had to leave behind yesterday, especially the ones with no family coming for them...

  4. That picture says a thousand words...

  5. My Reece is ethereal when he sleeps too.....that is the only time he slows down as well! So happy to have you home!