Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Day

We are getting ready to leave to visit Alina, so this will be short...but here are a few pictures from the past few days. We have so many more pictures, of all kinds of things. It takes a while to upload and edit, so we are doing the best we can in keeping everyone updated :).

Yesterday, we realized Alina can put on--and take off--her pants and shoes by herself. She even unties her shoe laces and the string on her hat.

When we came inside after our morning walk, one of her caregivers saw me trying to help Alina get undressed. She motioned to me to let her do it. She gave instructions, and Alina listened to them. She did EVERYTHING the woman asked her to do, including placing her little shoes in her locker.

Her caregivers want her to try to do everything by herself. She does need extra help sometimes, but they realize how capable she is, and that she needs to be encouraged to try things herself. They expect a lot of her, but they are patient with her and help her readily when she really needs it.

This little girl is AMAZING. And someone has done something very right with her. She gets dressed and undressed by herself (with a little help), she puts all of her things away, she eats by herself (with a little help), she blows her own nose. She likes to play with toys and pretends to talk on a phone, put on lipstick (she is using her aquadoodle pen as lipstick), and fill her purse and say "Paka" (goodbye). She is a trip!

Looking at her bracelet with Daddy

Feeding Mama yogurt

Pretending to eat out of the empty yogurt container :)

Outside on the grounds of the orphanage


  1. Simply beautiful!

  2. I just looked at the time and it is 5:30 where you are...which means she is already yours...and you are hers! So filled with joy over here for all of you!!!!

  3. Hi! I just recently found your blog and I've been hooked ever since. You and your family are AMAZING! You have inspired me so, so, SO much! I grab my laptop and check your blog everyday now that you are actually there in Ukraine with your new precious little girl (who btw, looks like such a little sweetheart!). It's like watching a movie, only this is so much better,because this is REAL! This beautiful little girl has been blessed with you and your husband as her new parents. I feel such happiness in my heart for her, for all the possibilties that now lay ahead for her. I have taken some great lessons in the few days I've been reading your blog. Thank you so much for teaching me even more about life and love. God bless you and your family!!! :)

  4. I take it you had a favorable decision in court?

    What a gift they have given Alina...the gift of independence! I am totally impressed with the high expectation put upon her, just like everyone else! Love it!