Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bridget--35 Months

Bridget has made great strides in the past few months. She's investigating the world in every way she can (which is why she is now gated into our family room some of the time). Wherever she goes, she goes quickly (and quietly)! She’s curious, playful and spirited. She knows just what she wants and how to get it.

What’s new…

- More words: shirt (sounds more like dirt), dress (“dess”), kick!, hat, car, Sara (Suh!), Emmy (“Eh”), juice, doll, blanket (“ket”)

- Signing less, but still uses signs occasionally

- Walking up stairs with help

- Sniffs her own feet and says, “Ewww!”

- Has become very interested in other adults and kids

- Wants to point out her ponytails, dresses or shoes to others

- Loves to get in my closet and put my clothes over her clothes, then admire herself in the mirror

- Has successfully used the potty (for both #1 and #2). We will begin “real” potty training when we return from vacation. Bridget is proud of her accomplishments and claps for herself. She is excited about her rewards (mini M&Ms & stickers) and asks for them after she has gone. She wants to help flush the toilet and help clean her little potty chair. She also pretends to wipe and then flush the toilet paper. She signs "potty" and "potty chair".

- Loves to pretend to give massages and put on lotion

- Can roll her tongue (“hot dog bun tongue”)

- Is drinking well from a straw (she still gets some sippy cups, but we are trying to transition). Drinks thickened liquids from an open cup. (She is willing to drink thin liquids, but usually ends up getting too much).

- Had her first visit with the dentist and did well. She is good about letting us brush her teeth at home. Her teeth look healthy.

- Loves to give hugs and kisses, pats (pulls hair and bops people, too!)

- Loves to take care of her dolls

We are…

- Working on walking, balance and jumping

- Doing lots of oral-motor strengthening: bubbles, kazoo, tongue movement games

- Singing, dancing, reading, pretending with Bridget

- Playing outside (new: going to playgrounds and to the pool)

- Having Bridget point things out in books

- Counting 1-10 (books, flashcards, manipulatives)

- Stacking things

Our official transition to the city school system is scheduled for July 22, one day before her third birthday.


  1. So beautiful!!! And she is doing GREAT!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Love the updated photos of little Miss Bridget. The pic w/ the sunglasses is precious! I was LOL when I read that she sniffs her feet and says ewww. too funny! Looks like she's doing very well. And she's beautiful!!! Good luck to her at school.

  3. She is gorgeous! I've noticed that my daughter appears to grow in one big leap after a period of apparent stagnation. I think it's what is called a period of consolidation when everything that is accumulated just comes together and voila! They've gained some ground. It is so much darn fun to watch them grow. Quickly and quietly sounds so familiar!

  4. I cannot smile big enough at that picture of her in her shades!! I LOVE the expression on her face! She is getting so big!

  5. Oh gosh she's darn cute!!!! Love her!