Sunday, February 20, 2011

For Alina

I've posted this before, but it has new meaning now...since we have our blonde, blue-eyed girl.  

Our Fragile Emissary
by Nancy Tupper Ling

With modern screening and such
they wonder why
you're here, on this earth
in our home
and in our arms,
after all, anyone
with any sense would have resolved
this problem of you
pre-birth, pre pain.

Blonde Beauty,
tiny as you are,
you catch their stares,
strangers' second glances
into tender baby blues.
And your young
sweet ears hear whisperings
("Down's," "defects")
words dropped loosely
at extra-chromosomed girls.

With such stinging receptions
how we long to shelter you,
surround you; keep your
gentle smiles to ourselves.
Instead, we hold you
up, for others to see;
let you, our fragile emissary
speak to an imperfect world.


  1. love this!!!! I may have to share this sometime!

  2. Interesting, too, because while here in the States, most people would not have chosen to bring her into the Eastern Europe most people would not have known beforehand, but would have chosen to abandon her once she arrived. Yet somehow, she found her way to us. She is our little miracle. We're the lucky ones.

  3. Wow, that's really beautiful. And so very meaningful.

  4. I've never read this before. It's beautiful and touching and unfortunately so true! Your blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty is SO fortunate to have you all as her family!!! I'm still in awe of how our paths met!

  5. Wow that touches the heart. My cousin has DS and she is such an awesome girl, these children are so special it's sad that some people don't see what a blessing they are

  6. as another momma to a blond blue-eyed beauty I get a tear in my eye when I read this as well- hugs