Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pretty in Pink & Pure Love

Today marks the beginning of a month we traditionally associate with love and the heart

It is a time to exchange sweet and meaningful messages, to spread goodness and to give unselfishly.

I'll be sharing in the upcoming weeks about a variety of things I love, things I am both grateful for, and passionate about.

See below for one of the things at the top of my list:  small moments of daily life over here.

Yes, some days are long and tiring.  But everywhere I look, there are reminders of grace.  

I'm so thankful for these little vignettes, expressions and happy sounds that quickly pull me back toward my center, my passion, my life's work:  my family.

A little girl has been playing here, I am sure of it

Big Sister Bridget is making sure Alina sits still for the picture :)

Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame.  
~Henry David Thoreau

My love for my children--and in particular, for my two little girls with Down syndrome--is the fuel for a light I can share with others.  I'll share my heart and my hopes for them, readily. And, I'll advocate for others with Down syndrome with as much passion and energy, because I know that, unfortunately, it is necessary.  I will hold my light high, and will hold my beautiful daughters up for others to see their worth, and our love.  

It is a pure love

"Pure Love motivates us to go beyond sympathy into compassion and then moves us to action"--that's what I read this morning on Patti's blog, A Perfect Lily.  Patti is my blogging friend who also has a beautiful daughter with Ds, Lily :).  

Peter (16)
Patti has been actively advocating for Olga and Kareen (from Reece's Rainbow--Kareen has a committed family now, and there is an announcement expected about a family for Olga as well).  She has been so successful in raising money and awareness for them, that she is now seeking a full grant (she hopes to raise $20,000) and family for Peter

Peter is a sweet boy who has been listed on Reece's Rainbow his entire life, and not a soul has inquired about him.  He has most likely been in a crib his whole life as well, and he desperately needs a family willing to give him a chance.  

Please consider opening your heart to Olga and Kareen (and the families who will be working so hard to get to them), and to Peter.  Go to the Pure Love Giveaway to learn how you can help (and be entered to win some amazing prizes, including an iPad and a Nikon D90 Digital Camera with an 18-105 VR Lens!)...

One last plea:  Time is running out (as in, almost out) for sweet, little Masha, who is living in a very poor Eastern European region. Several RR families have been to her orphanage for other children, and everyone who has met this child has fallen in love with her. Unfortunately, they are all already in the midst of their own adoptions.  There is even a family at Masha's orphanage right now (to get their two new daughters), and they were actually playing with Masha when a doctor came in to do her pre-transfer physical...pre-transfer to a mental institution. She will not make it there.  Masha has over $5,000 already in her adoption grant fund.  If you could love Masha, and be her Mama or Papa, please contact Andrea at Reece's Rainbow TODAY.


  1. THANKS for posting this!! I am just amazed at the goodness of people!!!

  2. Kecia, I know :). It is pretty overwhelming isn't it? There is such great need, but there are also people willing to listen and to answer the call. We just need to get the word out!

  3. I'm looking forward to reading more as you write about your loves and passions this coming month. You word things so eloquently that it's a joy to read!

  4. I'm cracking up at the picture of Bridget telling her sister to look at the camera. With her little hands holding her back. That seems to be the scene here every day ... or Payton will just physically take her hands and move Nika's head toward the camera. LOL