Friday, February 11, 2011

Alina, Troublemaker

This is who/what Alina has doing her dirty work:

His name is Peaco, and he is an Ugly Doll (Brian and Emmy have collections, and they frequently end up scattered throughout the house).  Alina loves this one.  

I recently asked her to stop touching the baby gate which encloses our family room (she would really like to have full run of the house and loves to let us know by shaking the gate).  I had to ask her several times to step away from the baby gate, and to please not touch the gate.  She walked away.  Great, I thought.  She understood me and it worked.

I began to return to the sink to finish up the morning's dishes, when I caught her out of the corner of my eye, holding Peaco and walking back toward the gate.

I asked again, Alina...PLEASE don't touch the gate.

That little stinker, she held out Peaco's hand and had HIM touch the gate, while looking me square in the eyes with a sly grin.  How-bout-them-apples, mama?  She's such a rascal sometimes.  Pretty smart, too ;).

**I can't call her a troublemaker without also saying that she is as sweet as they come.  Proof:


  1. Ah, you better keep your eye on THAT one!

    Clever :)

  2. Oh, that little stinker! She sounds just like another Ukrainian girl living in NC! We're working on eye contact with Nadia and when I ask her to look at Mommy she very dramatically turns her head in the opposite direction. No Peaco Doll either--just flat out naughty Nadia! hahahaha

  3. Oh what a smart little cookie she is! She is such a doll!!1

  4. the sweet rascals are the ones that say:
    you mean don't touch THIS gate, mama?

  5. How funny:)Needed a good laugh today!! One word, ornery!!

  6. Oh I see this streak in Sofia you think it's a Ukranian woman thing?!?!?

  7. Our kids are so darn cute and clever! Ton-notch problem solvers too! Way to go, Alina! LOL!

  8. A little stinker, indeed!! But a very BEAUTIFUL one:) And I agree, our kiddos ARE very smart and know exactly what they are doing!!!! lol

  9. This reminds me of my aunt's little neighbor. Told not to handle the newborn kittens, she promptly removed her shoes and socks - and toed them!

    You, too, have a little girl who can find the "creative solution"! Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in KY
    Cousin to Two from U.

  10. My lil princess isn't from the Ukraine- but boy oh boy am I caught off guard by her naughtiness and rascally behavior! Our older child had a LOT of energy but was never rascally. Abby LOOKS for opportunities to do things like that. Maybe because it's so unexpected it's such a source of joy for us. I imagine if Maddie did the same things she would get scolded and not praised for her creativity!

  11. oh, she is trouble. haha! How old is she?

  12. She'll be four in a few weeks :).