Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Please Say Yes


Is there room in your heart or home for one more?  Just look at these little loves.  Both of these beautiful, able little girls are in dire need of homes.

Olga is due for transfer very soon, and she has a HUGE grant...$12,549 already raised for her adoption. Kareen already has $3,276 in her fund.  This grant money will go directly toward the adoption costs for each girl, to be used by the families who commit to bring them home.

Don't wait any longer. Please, if you are considering adoption, choose today to commit. Say yes today.

Contact Andrea at Reece's Rainbow for more information.



  1. Oh Lisa, look at what a little photo tweeking can do to the color of that photo. Not that she wasn't cute in the first place, but now...oh My! I needed this post today and I am praying that if we are supposed to be her family, than we will be able to take that leap of faith soon. Keep us in your prayers. Part of me almost feels like we need to make this decision ASAP before someone else snatchs her up. thanks for all your help...I sent you some more questions via facebook last night.

  2. Andrea is right, she is such a little muffin :). I'm going now to facebook!