Thursday, January 06, 2011

A New Year

And some new pictures to go with it :).
She's from Ukraine alright :), this girl loves high heels!
And can walk in them!

Alina is obsessed with Alphie the Learning Robot
(she dresses him with any clothing that is laying around and loves
to put stretchy headbands with big bows on him!)

Doctor Alina listening to the robot's chest (in backwards
footy sleeper and hot pink cowboy boots)

Bridget talking to her dollies

Sisters, enjoying popsicles in bright afternoon sunlight

I have no idea what was so interesting out there,
but look at those cute little bodies :)

Two little girls, not feeling well, but laughing anyway :)


  1. awww too cute! Love those stockings :)

  2. You are warming my heart and making me wish for a sister for Sofia!!!!!

  3. I love seeing them must be so wonderful to see in person, what a dream come true!

  4. Two beautiful little girls!

    I don't know how I came across the first RR adoption blog, but I have instantly become absorbed by your stories. My heart swells and I find myself holding back tears everytime I learn about a new precious Angel who was saved via RR and brought into a family that wanted them as much as they needed them!!

    Thank you for sharing your story of your adoption, as well as your story of your unexpected blessing in little Bridget.

    These two little girls are sooo beautiful & Alina has clearly blossomed. I am so humbled and honored to be able to peek in on your story and I praise the Lord that Alina found you just in time!!!

  5. I heart stisters! (what Maddie calls them) It's so sweet when they match- especially love the big matching grins in that last picture!

  6. The last picture is priceless! And warmed my heart today!

  7. So cute! Love the matching outfits :)

  8. Precious! Love the smiles surrounding the light and love in your home.

  9. Hey there stranger! Have you been fighting illness in your household too? I had forgotten what having a little one means as far as being the 'germ gatherer'. yikes!

    The pictures are adorable as always and I'm jealous that your girls are so close in age that you can find the matching outfits for them!

    Happy New Year!

  10. so sweet! i'm certain miss bridget doesn't remember life before alina! they always look so happy together :)

  11. So cute!!!! I love the matching outfits:)