Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life at Home Since Alina's Arrival: Thoughts from Her Siblings

Emmy, almost 8

What is it like having a new sister?

I'm glad to have a new roommate in my room! It was lonely when I was by myself before Bridget was born. Then once she was there, it was better, but there was still space. It is more crowded, but now it's like a big party in our room :)!

It is exciting having a new sister because we had never seen her before. We had no idea what she would look like and be like.

Tell me about Alina...

Well, she's playful, sweet and loving...and a big eater! She does things that a lot of little kids might not know how to do, like dressing herself and pretending to pour tea into a cup. She just knows a lot.
She's my sister and I love her.

, 11

What do you think about having a new sister? What is it like having her here with us?

It's fun and exciting to see the new stuff that she does (like exploring, showing her imagination). It's sort of crazy times two--with Bridget--and a lot more humor.

What is good about Alina?

How much she knows right now, how fun and cute she is to play with.

Have things changed at home since we added another child?

Nope, not really :).

, 13

Tell me what you think about having Alina home...

It's awesome. She's cool and she's funny and she's sweet. And it's good to know that we saved someone's life. It's good to share
{with others} that people with Down syndrome should get a chance. And Bridget has a buddy now.

What has been hard about the adoption?

It was hard that my parents had to leave and be gone from us, but it all paid off. I don't see a downside
{to adoption}.

, 14

What is it like now that Alina is finally here?

Having her home has been really smooth. It's like she fit in right where she was supposed to. Having her here didn't completely change our schedule. And it is a really good thing for her. She really needed us.

How do you think she has changed since she's been here?

In the beginning, she seemed unsure in her new environment but she's adapted to us really quickly--and in this short amount of time she's a part of our family.

What do you enjoy about Alina?

I love her smile and her laugh. Some people give a half-hearted smile or laugh. But she doesn't waste them. Every time, she means it.


  1. Those are some WONDERFUL children you have there, Lisa!! You should be soooo PROUD of them (I know you are)!!! As lucky as you all are to have Alina, she is equally as lucky to have such AMAZING siblings! As Bob Marley would say......"EVERYTHINGS GONNA BE ALRIGHT!!! Way to go Peele INSPIRE me!!!!

  2. {{{{{HUGS ALL THE KIDS}}}}}}

    That was sweet!!!

  3. She is clearly loved by her siblings! And quite a character, too!

  4. Oh I don't know how I missed this sweet post...LOVE how insightful your kids are and especially that last comment from Sara about not wasting any poignant!