Saturday, May 29, 2010

Alina & Bridget

Many people have asked how the two little girls in our family are adjusting to each other--and how they interact. So here it is, a post devoted to our dynamic duo :)...


Bridget and Alina went from not knowing each other to doing everything together. For a three year old, that has to be confusing--and for two little girls who have been forced into a forever partnership overnight, they are doing exactly what we had expected--and hoped for. They are busy being kids, and in the process are learning about being sisters.

When we first brought Alina home, the two girls were very much in their own individual worlds. They played side-by-side, rather than together, were sometimes amused by the presence of the other and sometimes seemed to be simply tolerating each other.

Within the span of one week, they were already beginning to expect (and enjoy) that they would both be doing whatever we were doing, that they would both be going wherever we were going.

Surprisingly, there has been very little jealousy, if any.

We've had our moments, as you would expect, when one of them takes a toy, pulls hair or pushes the other. We have our squabbles that would be typical of any toddlers permanently inhabiting the same spaces, playing with shared items, interested in getting help and attention from the same people. And yes, that mop has been used as a weapon--by both girls.

But our two youngest girls are working it out.

Bridget has figured out that Alina (while she usually means well), is rough. She tends to take a wide arc around her little sister and gives Alina the Heisman when she needs to get by her. She has been saying, Nee-yet, Nuh-Nuh! (No, Alina!), which is very funny to hear. (She is also often overheard saying, Nuh-Nuh, CUTE!)

Bridget and Alina take care of each other. If one is out of Cheerios or crackers, the other will usually share willingly. They point to each other's empty bowls. They offer each other sips from a cup and wipe each other's noses. Bridget has a delicate touch, and Alina seems happy to be "helped" by her. Alina, on the other hand, comes at Bridget with an intense expression, and Bridget looks stunned as Alina firmly presses a sippy cup to her lips or wipes her nose with vigor.

But Alina coughs and Bridget shouts, CUP! Okay? If Bridget wakes up before Alina, she tells me, Mommy, Nuh-Nuh...check! (check on Alina!).

And when Bridget is in school and Alina goes somewhere with me in the car, she points to Bridget's carseat, saying Buh? (where's Bridget?).

When they are playing with each other, Bridget and Alina like to take care of baby dolls, spread out a napkin and dishes on the family room floor, and "clean" house :).

They are double trouble, for sure :). They're also double the LOVE.

Up next: Notes from our family discussion on Alina and answers to questions about Alina's transition and assimilation process.


  1. I just love watching your little girls become sisters! They just melt my heart and put a smile on my face.

  2. I just cannot wait until Yana is home with Ethan and Anthony, and if we play our cards right, maybe another child....who knows. Your children are beautiful and it fills my heart with joy to see them adjust so well. You are beautiful and amazing! Thanks for all the wonderful posts that fill me with hope. Lisa

  3. I love the pics! They look like they've never been apart! Alina found her forever home & a lifelong friend. Warms my heart :)

  4. Precious girls! What a great glimpse into their lives. So exciting to watch the transformation from orphan to typical American kid. So glad they are bonding well. They are adorable together.

  5. I bet that you will be getting a lot of people asking you if they are twins, they look so cute.what a lucky Mommy you are!

  6. I absolutely love the last picture of Bridget hugging on Alina, you can just feel the love!

  7. I love these images, Lisa. My heart is so happy for you, Bridget, Alina, and your whole family.