Friday, January 22, 2010

Hot Dogs for Breakfast

...That sounds like it should be a book title :).

This morning, Bridget climbed up in the chair next to Emmy. She was just waking up, and her hair was half-covering her sleepy little face. On auto pilot, I got a cup of yogurt out of the fridge and poured her some milk. I happily set the yogurt, a spoon, and the cup of milk in front of her. She usually claps. This morning, she did not move.

Aren't you hungry?
, I asked.

She gently (but clearly) pushed the yogurt aside. She pointed to the fridge. Hot. Dog.

You want a hot dog? I asked.

In her sweetest little voice, she answered, Yes.

"Hot Dog" and "Yes" as clear as can be. She's saying "Yes" (not "Do" or "Yep") all the time now. Her emerging speech is so exciting.

So hot dogs for breakfast, it was, and yogurt for lunch!


  1. How funny, but also how wonderful that she's using her words to make her wants known. That's more important than whether she had yogurt or hot dogs for breakfast. Unless she asks for hot dogs every morning for breakfast... LOL.

  2. You rock, momma! I'd have given her hot dogs, too, for using her big girl words. How exciting!

  3. That is sooooooo funny! She sounds just like my three year old Ella. Always has a mind of her own and keeps me on my toes!

  4. This is Joyce, I love it, hot dogs for breakfast. I never had to do that one but just get ready for all silly and crazy things you will soon be doing as the speech takes off. It is such a euphoric feeling to hear those words developing.

  5. love it! she's def. a girl who knows what she wants!

    p.s. ben is now saying bye bye and all done! we are THRILLED! it makes my heart sing!

  6. That is one of the best reasons to have hot dogs for breakfast! GO Bridget!

  7. Even at a tender age our kiddos know what they want and what they do not. So exciting that Bridget is doing so well with her words. Ya Bridget! And if I am completely honest, I would love a hot dog for breakfast too..

  8. hot dogs! awesome. And you know, they're really just sausages, which are breakfast foods. Sort of.

  9. My Mr 4 always wants leftovers from dinner for breakfast--lamb, chicken curry, fish, or sausages. I give him what he wants, even though I'm thinking, "Yuck!"

    Go Bridget!