Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby House 20

There are two other precious little girls from Alina's baby home who were listed with her on Reece's Rainbow.

NADINE...has a forever family as of 1/10/10 :)!!!

ANNE MARIE...is still waiting :(
Anne Marie (20)
Girl, Born November 25, 2005
I have $1075 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Here is her write-up from the Reece's Rainbow website:

Oh someone, see past this little bald head! They shaved them for the summer months! Blonde hair with dark blue eyes, this muffin needs a mama of her own! Miss Anne Marie does have a heart murmur that should be checked once home. But I can't wait to see her with her long blonde hair, and a sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes. Contact Andrea directly for more information.

I have not yet heard who has committed to Nadine, but I am waiting patiently to find out. We are so thrilled for her and hope we can meet her family!

So who is traveling with us to go get Miss Anne Marie? She will be five in November, and she is in desperate need of a family to step forward for her. There is already $1,075 in her grant fund, plus the incentive of a $12,700 tax credit (yes, that is credit, not deduction) for 2010 special needs adoptions. We are already well into our adoption process for Alina, and I promise to provide guidance and information to whoever commits to bring Anne Marie home. (We already have tons of valuable tips and suggestions, and will know even more about travel to this specific location soon.) Look at those eyes and that sweet little face...someone go get her!


  1. LISA, I have not yet commented regarding your news that you were expecting.....as I read the post "we are expecting....a toddler" my heart just smiled (no it beamed). I was over joyed for you and your family and had so much I wanted to say....but we are supposed to comment, not write posts! I am so not good at this comment thing! So here is my late in coming.....Congratulations! I am sure you are extra busy getting ready for your beautiful baby girl. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas....HAPPY NEW YEAR, what a year it will be for you! xoxo, Andrea

  2. How cool would it be Lisa if all three were adopted at the same time and then you were able to keep in touch with each of the families. When the girls grow up they could meet each other knowing they spent the first few years of their life together as sisters in the orphanage :)....so cool!