Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Throwing Money Away

Chris and I often joke about how we are practically throwing money away--on lots of things, but primarily--whenever we buy kids shoes. Every single one of our five kids has outgrown his or her shoes this past month (alright, Brian's tennies were so stinky that they had to be tossed out, but that is another story alltogether).

I had to tell Chris recently that our youngest daughter is actually throwing away money.

She is a careful citizen, and is greatly concerned with ridding the house of litter and choking hazards (she is also obsessed with the trash compactor, which might have a little to do with her loving the act of throwing things away). She gets very serious when she finds a tissue, a wrapper, the tiniest crumb, or a piece of cereal laying on the ground. She picks up the errant item and immediately goes to toss it.

I had forgotten to mention this until today, when I read about Malea pitching her mom's cell phone and remembered the crumpled dollar bill that I found in our trash a few weeks back.

I have caught her in the act of throwing away money, so I know Miss Bridget is the culprit. To her, apparently cash equals trash. We don't leave money all over the house, but if Bridget discovers any sitting out, we can kiss it goodbye. She'll grab a bill off the counter, crumple it into a tiny ball and head for the nearest trash can.

I'll have to have a little talk with her about the economy and the value of the dollar someday. For now, I'll keep an eagle eye trained on her at all times, and continue to chuckle about finding cash in the trash.


  1. my daughter loves to throw away anything. We are missing pieces to her fridge farm and I just KNOW they we put in the garbage. Its a very hard place to be in: teaching them to throw away there garbage BUT stopping them from throwing away everything!

  2. Oh, boy... that could get expensive! JM loves to take stuff OUT of the garbage for now, which is gross sometimes, but we do our best to keep it tucked away.

  3. This is cracking me up :)!!! I can just imagine her and her truly trying to keep things tidy by throwing away that messy money :)!!!! So darling.

    Also, LOVED your essay in Gifts 2. The images of light that you describe about her were beautiful to read and I just keep thinking of those photos of her in her tutu and the light streaming through. GORGEOUS and so symbolic!

  4. Loved, loved the essay! I just finished reading it Lisa- I wish you could have had a spread with all of the light pictures from the blog!