Thursday, September 03, 2009

Preschool Update

Don't let this picture fool you:
Or this one:This post could have alternatively been titled I Hate My Backpack. The above photos are the only times Bridget has touched or sat next to her backpack happily. This is more the look we see when we ask her to hold it:

The first time we put the (junior-sized) book bag on her shoulders, she stumbled backwards and fell onto her bottom. And that, my friends, was the end of strapping the sweet little butterfly backpack onto her shoulders. She now sees the backpack as a major hassle, her nemesis on school mornings.

She does, however, love to get dressed in the morning, and is proud of her school clothes and her boots. She's showing everyone her hair, her outfit, or her shoes by pointing to the impressive item, standing with her hands on her hips and giving an I'm stylin' look. It must be genetic. This is exactly what Sara and Emmy did when they were in preschool. (It's a good thing she didn't notice that someone painted on her back yesterday during easel time! It is also a good thing that most of her school-play clothes are clearance items or second-hand. The little jean jacket she's been wearing was Emmy's. And this grey outfit with the flutter sleeves and pink boots is all Target. Cute & cheap = perfect.)

Miss Bridget is super busy, and is moving fast these days. Evidence (I almost missed this shot as she blew past me...with a look of serious intent!) :

So here is the update part of the post:

Today was Bridget's third day in preschool and the end of this week for her. She had a hard time getting on the bus (leaving me) the first two days. She was sobbing when she arrived at school on Tuesday, and when she left here yesterday. I sent a message to her teacher letting her know that I had my keys in hand and was available to come to the school if she didn't settle in once she got there. Here is the response:

Bridget is here and off to a great start!! :) She wasn't crying anymore when the bus arrived and walked ALL THE WAY in by herself!!! She is such a big girl - you should be so proud of her!!

And today's message from her teacher:
Another wonderful day for Miss Bridget! She arrived happy, stayed happy and left happy - even walked up the steps of the bus holding onto my fingers while I stood behind her!!! I really couldn't be more pleased with how well Bridget has adjusted.
Emmy and Brian arrive at the school about 20 minutes after Bridget, so they visit her classroom to check on her each morning. They were beaming yesterday when they got home from school and told me how Bridget was playing and happy when they stopped in. We had a great week and are so proud of our little peanut.

She amazes us each and every day!


  1. Bridget's teacher sounds great! And you are so lucky Bridget likes to get dressed in the morning. It is amazing that after just three days Bridget is happy when she gets to school. My Mr. Four does not like to get dressed, or get dropped off at his preschool. Well done, Bridget and you!

  2. I got choked up just reading about Bridget's accomplishments! It just goes to show how well she can adjust to her new environment and how great her teacher must be! I felt proud for you!

  3. Hurray for big girl, Bridget! She looks so so cute in her pink boots (gotta love Target!). Too bad the backpack makes her sad/mad... hopefully she'll change her mind when she sees lots of other kids with cute backpacks, too. So glad she's doing well. She's such an inspiration!

  4. What an amazing little girl! Such a little sweetie. It sounds like she has wonderful teachers that care deeply for her already!

  5. I'm so glad she;s doing so well and is happy at school. I honestly can't imagine sending Brennan to school. He's only 17 months old now, but I get teary every time I think of it. I just want to keep him close to me - but know that I'll eventually need to let him spread his wings! Good for you for letting Bridget shine as she continues to learn and become more independent.

  6. Bridget you are too cute for words. Even when you pout...especially when you pout :)!!! Hope it continues to get better and better as the weeks progress.

  7. Illi Mathews CaudillThursday, September 03, 2009

    Bridget is lucky to have such an amazing and caring Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters :o)

  8. Way to go Bridget! You must be so pleased that she is doing so well. Her teacher sounds these little updates to you. I love the backpack story and also the pic of her walking with a purpose. So darn cute!!

  9. YAY, Bridget!!! (and SO cute!)

  10. Perfect!! She is such a sweetheart.

  11. That is just so wonderful! So glad she is loving school!