Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My most recent Google search...

"Do you need to call poison control when your toddler dips a play skillet into the toilet and takes a big swig?"

The toilet was flushed. But ick. And where was her mommy during all of this? Close by, but apparently not close enough. Or quick enough.

Heaven help me.


  1. Sweet little girly Bridget? The same little girl who was photographed in her ballerina outfit??? Ugh.. :)

    I have been lurking and reading your site for several months now and find myself often laughing out loud at little Bridget's "escapades". She is such a beautiful child and your postings and pictures so often leave me smiling.
    My little Sam has been locked out of the bathrooms because I am certain he would attempt the same if given the chance, or second, to do it. Instead, he seems content on eating the dogs food, for now..


  2. Yeah, but remember the t-shirt she was wearing with the tutu? It read "TROUBLE". For a reason. :)

  3. Aidan loves the toilet too - I think he thinks it's a water table like he used to have at his old daycare.

    We're pretty good at keeping the doors closed and the toilet lid closed - but every so often we'll hear a little "splash, splash, splash" and a giggle that echoes.

  4. Ahhhh! LOL The joys of being a mom! LOL My last call to them was when I put eye drops into Keeghan's ear by mistake! LOL

  5. While my two girls have never done this (that I know of) my sister tells a story of how my niece was discovered dipping her sock in the toilet and slurping the absorbed toilet water out for a refreshing (blech) drink one day.
    Kids. Ya just gotta love em!
    BTW, your pictures of Bridget enjoying her shadow are just adorable. Great captures!